VKontakte updated music recommendations

ВКонтакте обновила музыкальные рекомендации

Source photo teaser: Mick Haupt on Unsplash

VKontakte has introduced a new format of recommendations in section music. In the tab “For You”, users have two playlist: tracks in them are selected individually and regularly updated. Recommendations of songs and artists tailored to the interests of users, their genre preferences, history, auditions, and possible musical award.

Tab “For You” is entirely devoted to personal recommendations. In two playlists to 100 tracks: a selection of “Today” is updated every day, and “Week” suggests songs based on those a user has listened to over the previous days.

Also in the section you can return to recently listened to songs. Soon the block will appear notification about upcoming concerts of your favorite bands and performers. The update is already available in the web version of Facebook and mobile app for iOS, and in the coming days and will be from Android users.

“Content on the platform becomes personalized – the user gets exactly what fits his interests, finds something new and useful. Recommendations move to a separate tab and continue the trend. Musical platform Vkontakte develops: helps users to discover new names that they will definitely enjoy it, and offers songs that will be loved”.

Vkontakte music is available for free in the web version and open the mobile app. Users with a subscription can listen to the tracks without ads, any in the background, as well as offline with the app BOOM. Into a single musical ecosystem Mail.ru Group is now more than 3.5 million active paid subscribers.

Earlier, VK and OK gave users a three-month music subscription for the ruble, and since last year students can register for the Vkontakte music at a special price.