Vlad Sedan hinted that he is expecting a child from Zinchenko: photo

Влада Седан намекнула, что ждет ребенка от Зинченко: фото

TV presenter Vlad Sedan, which is found with the player, “Manchester city” and the national team of Ukraine Alexander Zinchenko, showed a photo with your beloved at the airport “Borispol”.

On the photo in Instagram posted Vlad Sedan, Oleksandr Zinchenko stroking the belly of his beloved.

Users saw a hint of the “interesting position” Vlad. “This is what I think?” – ask a question in the comments a lot of fans the most discussed couples of Ukrainian football.

Drew the attention and appearance of your favorite. T-shirt Zinchenko emblazoned in large letters the word “Sedan” and a big heart. And on the t-shirt Vlad the Sedan says “Zina”, plus heart.

Sport 24 wrote that about the relationship between SINECO and Sedan first became known after the player of the national team kissed the journalist on the air after the victory over Serbia (5:0).

And a few days before the match the national team of Ukraine Luxembourg, Zinchenko himself confirmed relationship with Vlada.