Vlad Yama danced with Mogilev in the air of “Dancing with the stars” and admitted, whether they had the novel

Влад Яма станцевал с Могилевской в эфире "Танцев со звездами" и признался, был ли у них роман

Ukrainian choreographer during the eleventh edition of the show “dancing with the stars” Vlad Yama left for a few minutes his judgment seat and performed an excerpt from a dance with former partner Natalia Mogilev. The last live was symbolically dedicated to the “Return of the heroes”.

On the dance floor the winner of season 4 of “Dancing with the stars” and contestant of season 1 sang one of their new songs “I Pochala”, which was devoted new lover. According to the singer, her choice is still far from it, but all the words for him. With regard to the overall performance of the Pit and Mogilev, then at the end they performed a fiery dance.

“Dancing with the stars 2019” 11 the issue: see online report Vlad Pits and Natalia Mogilev

Interestingly, before the show in a short video Vlad Yama told about the participation with Mogilev in the first season of the show “Dancing” and admitted that he still had an affair with Natalia during the project 1 season in 2006.

If I had an affair with Natalia Mogilev? Yes, of course, was
– shared unexpected details Vlad Yama.

13 years after the joint participation in projects in pairs has changed a lot – Vlad Yama married to Liliana Kudlay (2015) and son Leon and Natalia Mogilev from 2006 to 2011 were married for businessman Yegor by Malininym.

What about “dancing with the stars”?
This show, in which celebrities with professional dancers competing for the win. Their performances are judged and the audience, who vote for their favorite couple. In 2019 judicial seat was occupied by the prima ballerina Ekaterina Kuchar, renowned choreographer Gregory Chapkis, Vlad Yama and Francisco Gomez.

For the first time the “Dancing with the stars” on Ukrainian television appeared in September 2006 on television channel 1+1. Went 4 seasons, then the show is no longer aired. After a 6 year break in 2017, the legendary “Dancing with the stars” is back on the TV channel “1+1”. Then won the singer Natalia Mogilevskaya and choreographer Igor Kuzmenko. This was followed by another season where the victory was won by comedian Igor Lastochkin and choreographer Ilona Gvozdeva.