Vladimir Grishko five months, was hiding with her third child from journalists

Владимир Гришко пять месяцев прятал своего третьего ребенка от журналистов

In an exclusive interview with the famous tenor Vladimir Grishko told about the family tragedy. Daughter Smith, Anna-Stefaniya often cried: “Dad, I wish I had a brother or sister!..” For the famous tenor of her words was like a sharp knife. He and his wife also really wanted a second child. But apparently, not destiny…

In the first marriage had no children

He always wanted a big, happy family. And… was afraid of this responsibility.

– On the one hand, wanted me to have as many as 10 children, says the master. – Because I grew up in a large family. But in 37 years children did not work, and I somehow got used to it. Even felt not ready for that yet. Was then married to a beautiful intelligent woman, but this marriage had no children. Maybe that’s why he collapsed. I went to work in America, she stayed in Ukraine.

During one of his visits home, he met his fate. Slender blonde walked past the Opera house. He saw her and fell in love from first sight. I said to myself: “If she doesn’t stop, I’m lost!” And when she passed by the famous Maestro, even without knowing it, I thought: “If you don’t follow her, I lost twice!”.

– I then worked in television in the editorial office of sports programs, – says Tatiana Grishko. – My heart was free, and beautiful men I’ve noticed. High dark-haired man near the theater too. And sighed to myself “That’s such a I would go get married!”. And then he stops and says: “I am a folk artist. Allow me to invite you to play”. “Well, I think. – That did not come up to the girl to hook up!”. “You’re all folk artists!.. “I tell her. I was surprised when I learned that he is truly people’s artist!

– First heard Luciano Pavarotti, Tanya said, “God, what is it possible to exchange? His voice can be compared with the singing of an angel… ” And I immediately thought: “She will be my wife.” She understood my profession. Was so pure and bright… I Thought: “I want children from this woman!” We got married. When he learned that his wife is expecting a baby, jumped right up to the sky. She gave me a son, Vladimir. And a year later daughter Anna-Stephanie. My daughter was born already in America. The birth was very difficult, I cried along with Tanya, but found the strength to cut the cord.

– Yes, he was there until the last minute until her daughter was born, and it gave me strength – confirms-wife.

“We lost two kids”

When the children grew up, I began to talk to Tania, ” They soon become independent, and we’re alone? Such a big house, and will not be here to run, laugh, play pranks?”

-You have empty nest syndrome! – his wife answered. – Volodya, calm down! Even children have not gone anywhere, and you’re already sad…

– When children went to College and left, then this notorious “empty nest syndrome” and covered my head, – says the Maestro. We decided to become parents again. But… lost in a row of two toddlers. Wife tried very hard to make pregnancy, lying on the conservation. But alas…. For us, it was a tragedy. When you’re already making a name for him, my dream is to take him in her arms. And here-again! Exploration of the world. Our daughter Anna-Stefania is very upset too. They with his older brother, the difference year, they were inseparable since childhood, but the boy-starsi grew up, he had his own life. Your company, ladies… In General, Anna-Stefaniya just raved about the brother or sister.

“Calm down and wait for grandchildren!”

– Grief from loss people are treated differently, – says Vladimir. – Some are beginning to destroy himself: drink, smoke, seize suffering. Others go headlong into work. I rushed to fix something in the house, in the garage… the Doctors said, “Calm down and wait for grandchildren!”. But I still wanted grandchildren. I wanted children, and now! I once had a dream that I was in a vast ocean with clear water was a huge kit with a smooth shiny tight skin. After having all sorts of waterfowl to the birth of the child. Wanted to Wake his wife, but he didn’t. Sore subject…

And then the wife with the mother-in-law went on vacation to Truskavets. For a few days managed to escape to him and me. When they returned, I noticed that his wife rounded out somehow. “Well, I guess the rest went good!”. “Of course, come on! – she laughs. – We’re having a baby!”. How happy I was!

If Anna-Stephania his wife gave birth to his wife seriously, the third child was born, as they say, before she can blink an eye. The doctor was pleased: “Well, you all here next year!”. My son was born – 3800. Kids I large. Volodya was 4200, Anna-Stefania – was also a 3800.

– Did you use reproductive technologies?

– If I ran the kid showed up would probably sooner. But no. But we relied entirely on fate. When the child was born, I told my wife, “For such a gift can ask me for anything until the end of days!” But I have modest: “I received the most expensive gift!”

During the baptism grabbed the priest by the beard

Your son was born in late August, and the journalists learned about it already in November. Why did you hide your child? No pictures. Although he is now the fifth month.

– Wanted to enjoy his happiness in silence. And the wife was against any gossip: “Volodya, we waited for him for 18 years! Let’s press! Patristica, then…” And recently, we dubbed it. At the christening of the little boy behaved very actively: enough father for the cross, for the beard. Godparents were my old friend is an amazing surgeon Rostislav valikhnovskyi and prima of the national Opera, Honoured artist of Ukraine ballerina Ekaterina Alayev.

– Already thinking about his future?

– And how! He we have a loud, sings, chatters!.. I think to be an artist! And flair never failed me…

Larisa Krupina