Vladimir Ostapchuk showed how spends leisure time with his beloved: sexy dancing in the forest

Владимир Остапчук показал, как проводит досуг с любимой: сексуальные танцы в лесу

Three state output showman Vladimir Ostapchuk together with his lover Christine miner decided to spend in a country hotel and restaurant complex in the Poltava region.

The presenter, who recently presented to the public his new beloved, increasingly publish in his microblog touching photos with a girl. Young people are not bored with each other: they cook, attend public events, ride the boat, watch movies and participate in photo shoots. Another passion of couples are dancing.

So, this time Vladimir has shared the video, which together with Christine, learn new dance moves. Sexy couple moved into the terrace house that is situated in the forest.

Dancing the notary, as she calls herself the miner, appeared in a slinky tights and a sports top. Ostapchuk danced in a white t-shirt and shorts.

Love with Christine,

signed video the presenter.

The followers were divided into two camps: those discussed dancing skills of the couple, and others? compare new beloved Ostapchuk with his ex-wife Elena: “And I’m not signed on Komarova”, “It is very similar to the ex-wife”, “the Dancers are so-so, and a pair of beautiful”, “She looks just like Helena, only taller”, “Passionate and with a twinkle in his eye”.