Vladimir Ostapchuk was shown how to greet friends during the quarantine: funny videos

Ukrainian TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk, though wearing a mask in crowded places, but do not forget about the rules of handshakes, through which can be transmitted diseases, particularly coronavirus. He had a video of what to do in such cases.

On his page in instagram the man has posted a video which is in one of the shopping centers in Kiev with his friend. Both had masks on, but greet each other only with the help of elbows, legs, and in a style familiar to the Japanese. But in any case not hugging or shaking hands.

“How to greet during the quarantine. Not get sick and be positive”, – has signed a video Ostapchuk.

He has also previously published a photo in which dines with his son at the time entered the country of quarantine. The presenter explained that the quarantine – “it is also an opportunity to spend more time with their families”. ⠀

But if you as a father, horrified by the prospect of 14 days to be home with the kids – go to my YouTube channel and watch step-by-step manual: how to have fun with a child, chicken and Scotch (NOT alcohol),
– Vladimir added.

Watch the video of Vladimir Ostapchukas he’s having fun with his son during the quarantine: