Vladimir Zelensky presented his team: full list

Владимир Зеленский представил свою команду: полный список

Candidate to President Vladimir Zelensky on Ukrainian TV channels presented the team.

A list of all members of his team:

  • Ruslan Stefanchuk is the ideologist of the party, Zelensky,
  • Ivan Bakanov – Chairman of the party “servant of the people”,
  • Dmitry Razumkov responsible for domestic policy,
  • Alexander danyluk is responsible for international relations,
  • Ruslan Ryaboshapka is responsible for policing and anti-corruption policy
  • Galyna Yanchenko, expert of anti-corruption policy
  • Ivan Apartin an expert on security and defense,
  • Denis Monastery responsible for law enforcement,
  • Irina Venidiktova is responsible for reforms in the judiciary,
  • Daniel Getmantsev responsible for the economy,
  • Victoria Insurance is responsible for banking activities
  • Oleksandr Merezhko is responsible for international relations,
  • Marina Bandina responsible for the policy of equal rights,
  • Sergey Kalchenko – the expert of electoral law,
  • Eugene Komarovskiy – adviser for medicine,
  • Mikhail Fedorov – head of digital-direction “, Secomandi”,
  • Oleg Bondarenko – head of direction of environmental policy,
  • Andrew Gerus – responsible for the direction of energy, utilities and Antimonopoly regulation,
  • Sergey Babak is an expert on education and science.

“This is my team, professional people, experts, young and bright, intelligent people who will go with me to the presidential administration,” said Zelensky.

Note that in the team of Vladimir Zelensky joined Ivan Uparsin, who was in the team of the candidate Anatoly Gritsenko as a potential defense Minister.

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Add in the team Zelensky has determined the foreign policy of Ukraine. Expert in the international relations team of the candidate Vladimir Danilyuk noted that Ukraine should become an integral part of the European project. According to him, Ukraine will continue cooperation with the world Bank, the IMF and the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

Zelenski also said that going out of business. In particular, from the Studio “95 Quarter”.

“I’m not going to go 5 years like someone with some kind of factory. That is, I actually cease to be a partner,” said Zelensky.

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