Vladislav Crickley from Avakov’s adviser to the Minister of infrastructure

Владислав Криклий: от советника Авакова до министра инфраструктуры

The new Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine became the 32-year-old Vladislav Crickley. Despite his young age, he has extensive experience in the private sector and the Ministry of internal Affairs. What else is known to the newly elected official and why he chose the post of Minister of infrastructure at the journalists of channel 24.

Crickley became Minister of infrastructure on 29 August. Then during a solemn session of the Parliament of the NINTH convocation of the government Groisman resigned. He was replaced by team new Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

Vladislav Crickley in positions in the Ministry of Infrastructure was replaced by Volodymyr Omelyan.

Biography Vladislav Cricle Education and early career

Crickley was born in Kiev. He graduated from the Kiev national University of Taras Shevchenko with a degree in Finance. Received the diploma of master of economic Sciences with honors.

In 2015 he became a candidate of economic Sciences. The topic of his dissertation research is: “non-state pension funds in the pension system in Ukraine”.

Crickley professional career began in the private sector. He worked as the head of Department on work with securities in the stock market in the Bank “interbank” in the corporate Finance Department of investment company “ASTRUM investment management” and the company Tickets.ua involved in the sale of tickets.

The work in Ukraine and relations with Avakov

In 2014 he began his career in government. Crickley was the Advisor to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov on the introduction of information technology. Cricle subsequently appointed Deputy head of the Department of STI of MIA and he was engaged in the liquidation authority.

After the dissolution of the GAI has become a head of the Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine. In this post Crickley worked for 3.5 years. The interior Ministry said that during this time the team Cricle undertook a major reform created 114 service centers of the Ministry of interior of the new model, which provide services on the principle of “single window”, 25 mobile service centers in remote settlements started to function electronic office driver.

Fast career development Cricle associated with good relationships with Avakov. The official noted that the Minister of internal Affairs allegedly not promoted him, but agreed that “support was.”

The election of a Minister in the government Goncharuk

Crickley previously was a member of the right-wing liberal movement “People are important”. It in 2018 organized the first Deputy Minister of economic development and now the Chairman of the State customs service Maxim Nefedov, the Deputy of city Council Sergey Gusovsky, Victor Androsov and the newly elected Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

During the parliamentary elections passed in the Parliament of the NINTH convocation the people’s Deputy from “public Servants”. Resigned on the first day of Parliament and was appointed Minister of infrastructure.

Declaration: what income has Crickley

For 2019 Vladislav Crickley pointed out 1 million 116 thousand UAH of income:

Salary is the Main service centre of the Ministry of interior – almost 511 thousand hryvnias;

Interest in “PrivatBank” – almost 160 thousand hryvnias;

Bonus agreement – 2 858 UAH;

The alienation of movable property almost 443 thousand.

Real Estate Vladislav Cricle:

  • The flat area at 119.6 square meters in Kyiv;
  • The apartment with an area of 100.6 square meters in Kiev, it is gratuitously uses Valeria sukurov.

Goes, the newly appointed Minister of infrastructure on the Smart Fortwo.

Crickley declared two hours brand Franck Muller Casablanca Breitling and.

The official holds cash of about 272 thousand dollars and 120 thousand hryvnias. In the Bank he keeps almost 2 million, 3 thousand euros and $ 870.

Also for 2019, he paid almost 309 thousand of the credit in “PrivatBank”.

Indicating that the Ministry of infrastructure?

Crickley argues that the focus of his work will be the construction of roads and development of air transport in Ukraine.

In particular, he is interested in the issue of improving the roads layouts and the extension of pedestrian areas, the repair and construction of runways.

I chose a group of infrastructure because it is the Foundation for the development of the state. Needless to say that we are agricultural country. Yes, we have incredible opportunities in agriculture. But we have not yet realized their potential in terms of infrastructure. We can become a transport hub for Europe and Asia

he said.

Владислав Криклий: от советника Авакова до министра инфраструктуры

Владислав Криклий: от советника Авакова до министра инфраструктуры

Владислав Криклий: от советника Авакова до министра инфраструктуры