Vodafone connect “billions” of devices that produce “green” energy through blockchain

Vodafone подключит "миллиарды" устройств, производящих «зеленую» энергию, через блокчейн

Vodafone plans to connect the disparate billion of power generating assets in the network using the IOT and blockchain technology.

Global telecommunications giant Vodafone has partnered with the blockchain startup Energy Web (EWT) to connect to “billions” are divided into power generating assets through the Internet of things (IoT) technology and the distributed registry.

Energy Web announced a partnership on may 26, stating that the project will bring together the SIM-based DLT with IoT connectivity that provides Vodafone Business to “create a secure IDs for energy assets”.

“This means that renewable and distributed assets such as wind generators, batteries, heat pumps and solar panels can be safely and effectively integrated into the grid,” said Energy Web.

Vodafone is a world leader in IoT from more than 100 million connections worldwide. It seems that the news has pushed the token EWT Energy Web to new highs of all time.

Vodafone and Energy Web

Both companies will develop a system based on the method, which is used by mobile operators to identify the mobile phone using the SIM card for the networks, for identification and tracking of distributed energy sources.

System the smart network will be supported by IoT technology Vodafone and the operating system of decentralized Energy Web.

“We are seeing the convergence of several sectors in the transition to energy – of course, the energy sector, but also automotive, telecommunications and even Finance,” – said the head of the company “Energy Web” Walter Kok (Walter Kok).

Erik Brenna (Erik Brennei), Director, Vodafone Business IoT, said: “With the increasing number of decentralized low-carbon new generation of devices increases the need for reliable connection regardless of their location”.

“This link needs to be simple and robust, providing the ability to easily connect assets to power grids and communication networks around the world and control them,” he added.

Vodafone expands the study of the blockchain

Although Vodafone for many years engaged in blockchain technology, and in recent months there has been increased use of technology telecommunications company.

In March Vodafone announced that it is studying the distributed registry for its supply chain, trying to use the blockchain to streamline internal processes.

In 2019 Vodafone has introduced more than 20 cases of the use of the blockchain in its global operations, including verification, security, and digital rights.