Vodafone has accelerated 4G in Bukovina

Vodafone ускорил 4G на Буковине

Vodafone continues to expand the capacity of 4G. In Chernivtsi region in Chernivtsi, the company conducted a reallocation of frequency resources in 2G to free up additional frequency spectrum.

Vacated frequencies used to extend the network to LTE1800 band to 15MHz (10 MHz).

As a result, the speed of mobile Internet in the region increased by 62%. Overall, despite the difficult working conditions in quarantine, modernization swept 555 sectors of the base stations at 188 sites.

During the quarantine, Vodafone intensively built a network and implemented new technologies. The company has successfully entered into commercial operation the decision on the equipment of the last generation of Huawei for 4G network in Odessa. Thanks to the decision LTE1800 4×4 MIMO + LTE2600 4×4 MIMO Carrier Aggregation another city (after Kiev), reached a record speed of mobile Internet in 538 Mbit/s with frequencies 1800 and 2600 MHz that.

In the capital, Vodafone has successfully completed testing of AirScale trial on 4G network. At the same time managed to achieve a record data transfer rate – 525 Mbps. AirScale – the equipment of the next generation from Nokia that are ready to work with the 5G.

In the Kharkiv region spectrum of the LTE-1800 band expanded to 15+5 MHz. The dynamic extension of the spectrum became possible thanks to the technology CloudAIR. The result is the average speed per user grew more than 1.5 times.

During the quarantine, Vodafone has also expanded the capacity of the network in the Transcarpathian region, Odessa and Odessa region, Zhytomyr region and the city of Uman, Cherkasy region, in Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Kharkiv regions and the city of onward. The company continues the expansion of geographical coverage in all regions of Ukraine. To date, Vodafone provides 4G coverage to more than 71% of the population and 3G for 86% of the population of Ukraine.