Vodafone: the rejection of cooperation with Huawei will hit the plans of great Britain to lead in 5G

Vodafone: отказ от сотрудничества с Huawei ударит по планам Великобритании лидировать в 5G

Vodafone Group, the second largest mobile operator in the world, has warned that plans for Britain to lead in technology 5G will be a big question, if it is decided to remove the equipment from Huawei Technologies telecommunication infrastructure in the country.

British leadership (field) 5G will be lost if the mobile operators will be forced to spend time and money to replace existing equipment, “- said in an email to Reuters Scott petty (Scott Petty), technical Director of Vodafone UK.

According to petty, the British government should make efforts to extend the coverage 5G and invest in the next stage of deployment of this technology instead of trying to destroy the equipment, Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment.

We are not tied to one supplier, but it is important to understand the extent of what is at stake“,??- he said, adding that Vodafone is working with Ericsson and testing equipment for new suppliers.

In January, the UK has identified Huawei as a “vendor with a high level of risk“, limiting to 35 percent of its stake in 5G networks and eliminating the possibility of the use of its equipment for the core network with a large amount of data.

In the context of the search for alternatives to Huawei UK held talks on the supply of network equipment 5G with Japan’s NEC Corp and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics.

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