Volatile, warehouses and stores without cashiers

Летючі склади і магазини без касирів

The capitalization of the largest Internet-based retailer recently reached a trillion dollars, writes the newspaper Express. It happened after the stock price of Amazon has exceeded 2050 dollars per unit. Thanks to what this company managed to achieve such success? First there were books

“This year, Amazon has increased its equity capitalization by 75%, says economic expert Maxim Prazdnikov. — The money is — plus 435 billion. De jure is the third company in the world, the cost of which crossed the threshold of one trillion dollars. De facto, we can say that Amazon has become the second after Apple. For comparison, the approximate cost of the entire stock market is 80 trillion dollars, and the value of the assets of these two companies — of 1.62% of the stated amount!

Amazon shows the revenue growth that exceeds plan. And investors love such — predictable, profitable, technology firms that grow quickly”.

“This company was created in 1994 by American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, naming it in honor Napoleons river in the world — the Amazon, says investment expert Sergey Kirichenko. First her office was in the garage. A year Amazon launched a website, at first it only sold books.

In 1998 the range replenished with audio and video products. And in 2000, the logo was a smiley face arrow, which symbolized that the catalogue shop you can order everything from A to Z. Now service Amazon.com covers 34 categories of goods, including electronic books, household appliances, toys, food, household, sporting goods and others. It is the largest company in the world by volume of sales via the Internet. Every day there are shopping hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. Amazon has branches outside the US in Brazil, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, France, UK, India and China. Daily turnover exceeds 100 million dollars.”

Летючі склади і магазини без касирів

52.9 billion dollars for the quarter

“Today, Amazon is not just an online seller of goods or a large marketplace, although in this region it is a global leader, says Maxim Prazdnikov. The company, which began as a bookshop, engaged in literally everything. This cloud-based technology, and develop innovation, and selling content online through its own strimma services.

By the way, some of the content Amazon makes their own. For example, relieves the serials, movies and shows. For example, the famous automotive journalist Jeremy Clarkson with a team of his colleagues from Top Gear filmed a car show for Amazon.

If we are talking about money, it is only in the last quarter of the revenues Amazon 52.9 billion. While web services already provide 10% of the turnover and increased in comparison with the previous year by 43%. I wonder what web services are provided almost the entire operating profit for Amazon (at the level of 3 billion dollars).

In the near future the company has all the chances to in terms of sales to beat Walmart, Target and other networks. Amazon is called the most customer-centric company on the planet. She has consumers of goods and services in all corners of the world, because constantly looking for ways to diversify. All of this is worth one trillion USD — for today, and maybe tomorrow will cost even more.

For example, there are forecasts that by 2024, profitable cloud business should help Amazon to increase its market capitalization is 2.5 trillion dollars!

Летючі склади і магазини без касирів

It looks like tomorrow

The company does not rest on its laurels and is constantly surprising the world with innovations.

“At the end of last year, Amazon opened at Seattle first automated supermarket Amazon Go, — says Sergey Kirichenko. — There is no cashiers, no sellers, they are replaced by camera and the system automatically calculates the amount of the purchase. And to get to the supermarket possible by bringing the smartphone to the turnstile at the entrance and scanning the QR code. The system sees what type of goods the buyer takes off the shelf. If he changes his mind and return the item back, she will automatically write him out of the virtual check. The system will record all the purchased goods and will remove their value from the buyer’s account on Amazon.

The company also patented the volatile compounds. According to the plan, the composition will continue to hang in the air at a height of about 13 thousand meters, and drones saltating it for new goods and deliver to customers.” Style Bezos

Amazon would not have achieved such mad success without Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO, who was recently recognized as the richest man in history — his fortune is estimated at $ 150 billion!

“For many, Bezos is the ideal of the entrepreneur of the XXI century — Maxim Prazdnikov. — More than vigorous, persistent and open than the typical billionaire, he is much less shocking than, for example, another genius of our time — Elon Musk. Bezos builds a vision, sets up subordinates to work and together they perform the task.

Bezos is a perfectionist and demands the same attitude from all team members. Of course, not to mention its focus on the customer — Jeff has repeatedly said that before studying your competitors, you just have to learn to find a common language with their customers. And proving this assertion by the example of his own company”.


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