Volkswagen announced the beginning of sales of crossover ID.3

Volkswagen объявил о начале продаж кроссовера ID.3

Compact electric SUV is part of the global strategy of the German company. Now potential clients can order the First Edition bundle.

Brand and even stated that more intends to expand the model range. By 2025, the bundle of innovations already patented and the implementation of its strategy of global electrification.

Volkswagen ID.3 – alternative model Golf, but is fully transferred to electric traction. The first batch is already ordered cars will arrive to customers in September of this year. The first will be a limited First Edition line.

The reserve of this car is 420 km without recharging. Other versions of Volkswagen ID.3 will arrive to dealers in the fall. Presumably the sale will be 7 versions of the car.

The separation of models in the Volkswagen ID.3 will be based on autonomy. Batteries model the group has paid the most attention. Presumably the battery for 8 years of operation will retain at least 70% of its original capacity.

Volkswagen ID.3 – one of the most anticipated in the European market. Previously, the brand announced tests charging station for electric vehicles. The system was tested in difficult climatic conditions, to fully meet real conditions. The station became even devices designed to charge from a household outlet.