Volkswagen has patented a pickup truck based on the Tiguan

Компания Volkswagen запатентовала пикап на основе Tiguan

According to popular images, the forthcoming production model is almost completely repeats the design of the prototype of 2018. Says the South American press, the emergence of a patent indicates the imminent debut of the Volkswagen pickup truck Tarok.

It is now known that the new model will be built on the MQB platform, which underpins the Tiguan crossover Allspace. The wheelbase is 2990 mm, the length of 4910 mm, width – 1830 mm, height 1670 mm. the Declared length of the loading platform – 1206 mm, a width of 1090 mm and a height of 600 mm. the Truck Tarok will have a lifting capacity of 1000 kg.

The manufacturer promises to use a mass version of the model special scheme for transporting long goods. It lies in the fact that the rear wall of the cab will lean in salon, and to form with square body flat floor. In this situation the length of the platform will increase from 1206 to 1861 mm. But if you have to tilt the tailgate in the body can be load with a length of 2775 mm.

As for the technical part, while not much is known. The concept car was powered by a 1.4-liter turbo engine capacity of 150 HP, all-wheel drive system 4Motion and 6-speed automatic transmission. But continuous variation may be a two-liter diesel turbo engine the same impact, and for the initial models Volkswagen has to offer manual transmission and front-wheel-drive system.

Supposedly, production of the Volkswagen Tarok will establish or Brazil, or in Argentina, and his debut could take place in November this year at the auto show in Sao Paulo. In this case, the market the new model will be released in 2021-m.