Volkswagen has revealed the final teaser updated Arteon (VIDEO)

Volkswagen показал финальный тизер обновленного Arteon (ВИДЕО)

The premiere will take place already this night.

Volkswagen has published the final videotizer dedicated to the updated saloon Arteon and his more practical brother – a brand new universal Arteon Shooting Brake. In this video, the manufacturer has decided to focus on the sports versions.

How do we know this? Both cars decorated with an updated logo R. the red is probably just equipped with a styling package the R-Line, which is proposed for the pre-reform liftback. Blue, most likely, is a full “Erk”. Speaking in favor of this and the blue brake calipers as the Golf R, and enlarged front air intakes, we saw on one of the previous teasers.

Talk about the “charged” Volkswagen Arteon go almost from the moment of the appearance of the original model. In 2017, it was reported that the company has built a prototype with the new V6, but has not made a decision about his start in the series. In this respect, it is unlikely that anything has changed: much higher probability that Arteon borrow strong “turboservice” all the same “Golf”.

Also in the video briefly shows the interior with the new driver interface. According to these personnel, Arteon got a new infotainment system platform MIB3. All the details will know very soon before the premiere of the final hours.