Volkswagen I. D. R has set a new speed record at Goodwood: video

Volkswagen I.D. R установил новый рекорд скорости в Гудвуде: видео

Electric sports car Volkswagen I. D. R continues to set records. Last year he won the pikes Peak, becoming the fastest electric vehicle. This year I. D. R added to the new record nürburgring speed record at the Festival in Goodwood.

At the Festival of speed at Goodwood, which this year takes place from July 4 to July 7, an electric sports car Volkswagen I. D. R under the control of French driver Romain Dumas set a new record in speed climbing the hill, climb over 41,18 seconds, according to Auto Informant with reference to The Verge.

Thus Romain Dumas broke the absolute record, which lasted 20 years and was set by Nick Heidfeld in 1999 on the car McLaren-Mercedes MP4/13. Heidfeld back in 1999 conquered the hill in 41.6 seconds. Note that power electric Volkswagen I. D. R is 680 HP, and under the hood, the McLaren-Mercedes MP4/13 was mounted V10 engine with a power of 780 HP

This-in Volkswagen I. D. R on the track at Goodwood is not the first. In 2018 Dumas also conquered the hill on this convertible and showed the best result, overcoming the distance of 1.86 km in the accounting period by 43.86 seconds. That is, this year, the pilot was able to not only set an absolute record, and improved his last year’s result by more than 2 seconds.

History made in 41.18 seconds. FOS@volkswagenms @romaindumas

– Goodwood FOS (@fosgoodwood) July 5, 2019.