Volkswagen sold 100 000 electric e-Golf

Volkswagen продал 100 000-й электрический e-Golf

Volkswagen is actively developing in-electric segment. A quality breakthrough began after a large scandal with the fraud data about the environmental performance of diesel cars of concern. After disilicate was announced a whole line of electric cars in the Volkswagen ID, but before they were running all-electric hatchback Volkswagen e-Golf. And now the company reported the sale of the 100,000 th copy.

Production of the model began in 2014 in Wolfsburg, but later production started at the factory in Dresden. Jubilee electric car was awarded to the winner at the ceremony. As noted by the head of sales and marketing of Volkswagen in Germany Holger B. – overcoming the milestone of 100,000 electric cars confirms the possible demand for Volkswagen models ID.3.

The Volkswagen e-Golf is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of up to 134 horsepower. The battery is capable of providing the range of up to 230 km, And the demand continues to grow, despite a five-year experience in the automotive market.

Modern electric car Volkswagen ID.3 partially replace Golf in the near future. Its production has already started.

Volkswagen продал 100 000-й электрический e-Golf