Volkswagen turned the iconic microbus of the 60’s in the cart: photo

Following last year’s upgrade of the retro-Type models 20 of the German company Volkswagen introduced an updated version of the van e-BULLI T1 Samba sample 1966. The changes undergone not only the power plant of the car, but other drivers familiar elements.

When a conceptual transportation the manufacturer has tried to keep the form of electric cars in the spirit of the atmosphere of the 60s, notes Mashable.

Major changes

Key changes occurred in the functionality of the model: for example, the classic circular headlamps replaced the led elements instead of bulbs, and the radio received a Bluetooth module, a USB port, and even support technology We Connect, through which information about the condition of the vehicle is transmitted to the smartphone.

Dashboard e-BULLI T1 Samba

On the dashboard of the van is a digital display which informs the driver about speed, battery status and other important indicators. Among other features of the vintage car – panoramic roof, leather seats and trim with wood.

The interior was covered with leather and wooden panels

On a single battery charge with a capacity of 45 kWh updated e-BULLI T1 Samba can travel up to 199 miles. In this version of the motor has a higher top speed compared to the original 130 vs 105 km/h.

e-BULLI T1 Samba faster than the original model, and its reserve-199 kilometers


The announcement was made in a single copy, but according to the assurances of the manufacturer, “pump” your petrol car and other owners of the model. Cost electric e-BULLI T1 Samba 69 $ 500.

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