Volkswagen will prepare a electric car I. D. R to the Nurburgring

Volkswagen подготовит электрокар I.D. R к Нюрбургрингу

Electric four-wheel drive sport prototype Volkswagen I. D. R Pikes Peak will attempt to conquer the Nurburgring. The race, which can bring electrocare the title of the new record Nordschleife, will take place this summer.

Volkswagen has already begun to prepare the sports prototype to a record-in. Due to the difference in height between pikes peak and the mountain track at the Nurburgring engineers will have to rethink aerodynamics … ID R.

As during the record run in June last year at pikes Peak, driving a Volkswagen I. D. R Pikes Peak will be French racer Romain Dumas. He managed to break two records: it turned out on top by 16 seconds faster the previous record holder Sebastien Loeb – 7 min. 57.148 with and beat the absolute record set in the same Loeb in 2013. Piloted by Loeb hatchback Peugeot 208 T16 with a gasoline V6 3.2 biturbomotor (875 HP) soared to the top of pikes Peak in 8 minutes 13.878 s.

The current record Nurburgring among fully electric cars is the Chinese hypercar Nio EP9. In 2017, the car, piloted by Peter Dumbrell, walked the track for 6 minutes, 45.9 seconds, showing an average speed of about 185 km/h.

Volkswagen ID R equipped with two electric motors, generating 680 HP and 650 Nm of torque. Curb weight sport prototype along with driver of 1100 lbs. the acceleration Time from standstill to 100 km/h is 2.25 s.