Volkswagen will recall new Touareg in Russia due to oil leakage

Volkswagen отзовет новые Touareg в России из-за протечки масла

The German brand will be sent to repair more than 1 thousand crossovers Touareg new generation.

Volkswagen announced the recall in Russia 1099 crossovers Touareg of new generation, which was released in 2019. The reason for the action was the likelihood of leakage of oil, according to the website of Rosstandart.

Service campaign announced in connection with “the possibility of leakage of the gear oil caused by the shortcomings of the welded connection tube transmission oil”.

Volkswagen will notify owners of potentially faulty cars on the need to come to the service. In addition, find out whether the car is under review, please list VIN numbers on the page of Rosstandart. The car will replace the tube the transmission oil.

In March 2020, Volkswagen has announced the recall of the new Touareg, which was sent for service due to a malfunction in the steering system, which can lead to loss of vehicle control.