Volochkova came to the Holy place in a provocative outfit

Волочкова пришла в святое место в провокационном наряде

Subscribers did not like the coat of a ballerina, and the whole idea of the picture.

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Popular ballerina posted in social networking the glamorous photo where she stands on the threshold of the Church. Anastasia Volochkova shared her impressions from a trip to the Astrakhan temple. The revelation of the stars fans did not appreciate. They spoke strongly about its appearance and remembered the old “sins” of a ballerina.

The photo in “Instagram” Volochkova posing in a long colorful dress with sweetheart neckline and a fur coat, not wearing a hat, what is required by Church custom. In the hands of the ballerina candle, and the photo itself is done directly under the icon. As pointed out on the page, Anastasia, the day before she visited the temple in the Kremlin in Astrakhan. She also noticed that “successfully got there when there was a service”.

“It’s so great that now the churches are open and pray not only at home”, – said Volochkova.

Subscribers of the ballerina from this post in the name is not mentioned. They generously gave Anastasia sarcastic comments. “Why without a hat? Where are the boots?”, “If anything, we are in Astrakhan, not made to walk in a fur coat, when in the street +35,” “the Priest must bless the splits”, – poignantly noted by the users.