Volochkova ended up in the hospital during a holiday in the Maldives

Волочкова угодила в больницу во время отдыха на Мальдивах

Famous ballerina during a holiday in the Maldives was in the hospital with an injury, the origin of which is not says.

Anastasia Volochkova, deciding to treat yourself to another holiday near the Indian ocean waters did not expect that it will end in the hospital. She has posted photos from the beaches, and not only delighting his fans for a few days, but suddenly the holiday was marred by a hit to the hospital.

The ballerina’s leg was injured, however, about how exactly, in no hurry to tell. In his instagram the star posted a photograph taken in the hospital. In the picture next with the prima ballerina is a female doctor in a white coat. Review Anastasia to the photo says that for several days she suffered great pain, and in the end succumbed to the entreaties, went to the hospital. In addition, the dancer posted pictures of bleeding feet.

Uznayvse.ru notes that 43-year-old popular ballerina began to lead an active and controversial life in social networks one of the first in the Russian show-business. In 2011, she became famous for the fact that there is, in the Maldives, has made a series of erotic pictures and posted them in public.