Volodymyr Groysman: “Our strategy – a strong Ukraine and wealthy citizens”

Владимир Гройсман: «Наша стратегия - сильная Украина и состоятельные граждане»

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman offers the restart of power: in society there is a strong demand for changes. The Verkhovna Rada should not be a stopper, and an ally of the government in carrying out reforms. In Parliament he is at the head of a new party, with a young but experienced team.

To slow down not speed up

Ukrainians are waiting for changes from the government. Presidential elections have highlighted the need to upgrade the system. On the agenda – change of the Verkhovna Rada. The current coalition took difficult but necessary decisions. And still in new condition need a different pace and a different algorithm.

– We have to change the decision-making system, – said Vladimir Groisman 17 may, speaking from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada. We must be quick, mobile and of the highest quality. You cannot spend years on the implementation of one of law. The agenda should be realistic, strong and able to accelerate the processes taking place in the state.

Analysts believe that the Verkhovna Rada should accelerate the adoption of laws that are important to decisions – both tactical and conceptual and strategic. Hang bills in parliamentary committees significantly slows down the reforms, which are in the territories. For example, on decentralization, reform of the medicine, transparency of procurement.

Parliament. Update

Parliament needs to be restarted. Because the mechanisms are reprimanded as experts and developers of draft laws. The lag of laws under consideration in committees of the Verkhovna Rada lasts sometimes for years.

Analysts point out that the logical thing will be to reboot the power after changing all the rules: there must be a system of checks and balances in the branches of government, promotion of new people, and reformed the decision-making process and… cut immunity.

– I believe that the inviolability of the Ukrainian Parliament and other officials corrodes the state from within, it allows you to break the law, for that still have to answer, – said Volodymyr Groysman, speaking in Parliament and urged MPs to remove the immunity.

Under these conditions, even before the election of a new Parliament would be a possible occurrence in Ukrainian politics new people from the party of “important People”, “Voice” and other political parties. However, the reform of Parliament did not happen: on the elections, unfortunately, Ukraine is under the old rules, as the current MPs did not support the bill President.

– The main idea and task is to allow the voter to change the balance of power. Reform of Parliament, the principles of forming and mechanisms of work – a basis of qualitative changes in the country, – the expert believes Vladimir Sinik. – Elections are held in the old way, as a result, new people will be in the Parliament less, and they will be compelled or to fight, or to adapt to the system.

The government. At the peak

Experts mostly agree that the decision of Vladimir Groisman to resign in response to unfounded criticism from Zelensky was correct. The government has to show that the counter-argument: although the Ministry worked differently, the success is obvious.

Groisman leaves the economy on the rise – for 3 years there was not a single crisis, wages grew, the national debt declined, and the term “default” is gone from the minds of Ukrainians. Despite the fact that he will continue to perform their duties, and the government will work in crisis management mode, responsible for the negotiations with the IMF, curbing the price of gas now falls on Zelensky.

A Ukrainian strategy. For people. Without Poroshenko

To continue the reforms Groisman going in the new Parliament, together with his team – party “Ukrainian strategy”. Commenting on the possible Union with the political force Petro Poroshenko, he confirmed that “these proposals were to go… but I will own, and my decision is final. I think we’re just different”.

– For me, parliamentary elections are not just a desire to participate in them. I have a clear opinion on what can make Ukraine and Ukrainians stronger. And I believe that these steps should be implemented, – said Vladimir Groisman.

He intends to hold a young but experienced people who know what to do for the success of Ukraine. Such experiences have premiere already. At the time, Groisman is not only became the youngest mayor of the regional center, but was able to overload the power vertical at the level of local government. When the percentage of young people in the Vinnytsia city Council increased significantly. Ideas that are implemented Vinnitsa, for example, transparent offices now picks up all of Ukraine.

– Vladimir Groisman started as the mayor of Vinnitsa, in its management of city ahead of their development for decades and is one of the three cities that are attractive for investment. And as the Prime Minister began the reform of decentralization, which is considered today one of the most successful in the world. Of course, it’s not finished, but the process has started. The sequence is one of the most important keys to success – says Ekaterina Konstantinova, an expert on regional development, coach on project management, supporting the “Ukrainian strategy”.

You need to have a proactive stance. Experience and understanding I have, but still need to add reactive power. I understand that it depends primarily on to what extent present in the Parliament, – said Groisman. – Our strategy – strong Ukraine and wealthy citizens.

Sociology showed an increase

The rating of the party “Ukrainian strategy” is growing. Even before Vladimir Groisman said about the independent participation of the political forces in the election campaign, sociologists have designated it a high initial ratings. According to a sociological survey conducted by the Institute of sociological research “Foundation”, for the party of the Prime Minister is ready to vote and 2.9% among those who are undecided. The survey was conducted from 22 to 27 may, among 2500 respondents. Given that a week earlier sociologists showed three times less supporters of the “Ukrainian strategy”, experts predict, if the trend continues, the party will easily pass in the Parliament. In principle it will be affected by the presentation of the top ten of the electoral list “Ukrainian strategy”.

Владимир Гройсман: «Наша стратегия - сильная Украина и состоятельные граждане»

Владимир Гройсман: «Наша стратегия - сильная Украина и состоятельные граждане»