Voloshin: US not satisfied with dominance in the Ukraine one oligarch with his channel

Волошин: США не устраивает доминирование в Украине одного олигарха с его телеканалом

The dominance in Ukraine a well-known oligarch with his famous channel does not suit US.

This was stated by MP from the party “Opposition platform For life,” Oleg Voloshin, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I just returned from a meeting at the State Department. I met with the leadership – they have Ukraine Unit, that is, the Department for Ukraine, separate dedicated our country. Of course, I had planned there’s many other questions to raise, but the issue with the situation with the “112 Ukraine” and the General situation of freedom of expression has become a priority,” – said the MP.

He also said that he gave the Americans a journalists report about the systemic problems with freedom of speech – “from the unsolved murder of Pavel Sheremet, Olesya Elderberry, etc. to here uses, the transformation of the national regulator in the punitive sword to settle scores”.

“Well, what did you say? Mostly, of course, listened, but the key point – I can say one thing… maybe in Ukraine and there is no public support for, say, pluralism, and there is no support for this balance in the system. But in America, this support 100%. Them the dominance of one political force, and, moreover, and they understand it very well, and we discussed in detail, is the dominance of a well-known oligarch with his famous TV channel absolutely do not like… that, on many issues they diplomatically neat, but the role of this oligarch sounded very harsh evaluation in the context of what the IMF mission left Ukraine because of the case of “PrivatBank”, and in the context of the resignation of danyluk, and in the context of situations with well-known oligarch influence on the current government. So if they think that… they grabbed God by the beard, and this beard is known for, even with glasses, that our government, unfortunately, is mistaken,” – said Voloshin.

He also stressed that the U.S. attitude to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky good, but it can deteriorate. “To Zelensky in General the attitude is good, but the shadow of the oligarch has already begun very seriously to obscure it. And if in the near future, including in the media, and pluralism, will not demonstrated that we have a President voted by the people, not of one particular oligarch, I think that relations with America will be in Ukraine to deteriorate rapidly. Listen, well, we with you and our political force primarily opposes the so-called external control. And they were supposed to pick up the phone and call there Zelensky about this feature, sorry? Well, that’s not how it works, and it shouldn’t work. First, the struggle for freedom, democracy is, first and foremost, the Ukrainians themselves. But believe me, in high offices of our government, the very fact that the question of “112 Ukraine” has long been raised in the European Parliament, raised to the level of the State Department, your colleagues – Anna Stepanets was at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev. Believe me, this signal very seriously captured on Bank, I think. And they are, well, less… they Have not so good relations with Washington, especially in light of the scandal that unwittingly spawned the conversation Zelensky trump to say, to ignore such things. I think it should be cooling a cold shower for the hotheads in relation Zelenskiy, which is, in fact, his substitute, a man who probably would not be President if there were no such sites as “112 Ukraine”, as NewsOne and other channels, which gave him the opportunity to criticize Poroshenko,” – said Voloshin.

We will remind, on September 26, the national Council on television and radio took the unprecedented decision – to deprive the TV channel “112 Ukraine” digital broadcasting licenses.

The channel continues broadcasting and is available to its viewers the satellite, in cable networks and the Internet.