Volvo limits the speed to 180 km/h as it says the company management

Volvo ограничивает скорость до 180 км/ч: как это комментирует руководство компании

To the safety of cars in our time people are very serious. In this regard, the automakers have to constantly improve their vehicles, so as not to lose demand.

Volvo has always been famous for safe cars and trucks. To achieve high scores in crash tests the company has always spent a lot of time and effort, and now all went to the grave of the victim. It is reported by Auto Informant with reference to Autonews Europe.

The leadership of the Swedish company decided to limit the maximum speed of their car at around 180 km/h. in Addition, they plan to implement a special camera that will respond to the fatigue of the driver and his sobriety. To determine these deviations, they will be the pupils of a person. If the camera detects any deviation from the norm, the car will immediately contact the customer support of Volvo, and in extreme cases may not even allow to start the engine.

As stated by the head of research and development, Volvo Henrik green, these innovations responded negatively, only 20% of fans of the brand. The desire to include safety technology that actively restricts movement in certain situations is part of the purpose of Volvo’s Vision 2020. It lies in the fact that in the next decade, no one was killed in a new Volvo car. “180 km/h it is still fast and that’s enough for any emergency situations,” he added.