Vorskla – Karabakh: a review of the result of the match 08.11.2018

Ворскла - Карабах: огляд і результат матчу 08.11.2018

After a sensational victory in Azerbaijan, from “Vorskla” in Poltava was expecting a positive result. However, to defeat opponents of the Ukrainian team in a match that lasted more than 100 minutes, but failed.

Vorskla – Karabakh 0:1
Goal: Abdullaev, 13 (pen)

Home match Vorskla Poltava scored a small number of dangerous moments. And everything in the game was decided by a single goal scored in the first half. Arthur made a mistake in the transfer Shust, the goalkeeper was forced to come up to intercept and shot down in his own penalty area Medvedev. The referee awarded a penalty which was converted by Abdulaev.

Vorskla had moments, but threat hard to call them. The players of the Azerbaijani club is highly welcomed guests, giving the opportunity to attack. Therefore, Poltava resorted to the sheds, which are not found to the destination, or long strokes.

In the second half, the game was the same – “Karabakh” held the ball “Vorskla” had nothing to say to that, so again had to resort to distant blows. But the guests had two chances to increase their advantage – first Michel not sold out at the gate Shust (goalkeeper time out of the gate). And later SUBR not got naked in the corner of the goal during a counterattack.

In the second half the fans of “Garabagh” almost blew the match. They started to throw flares on the pitch, the referee Sandro Scherer first time, ending the match on three minutes. And when, after the game resumed again threw flares on the pitch, the referee took the teams off the field for a very long time and not resumed the game. Only five minutes later the game continued. For this late in the game was added as much as 10 minutes.

Break more went in favor of “Vorskla”, which began to emerge moments – punched Karaka and Kulach. However, the attacks were pretty weak, so don’t become a problem for the goalkeeper.

When there was added 10 minutes of the match (in General, the players played in this match more than 100 minutes), “Vorskla” was twice able to tie the score and created his two most dangerous moments. First Halldorson jumped and hit the ball after blow of Sharpar after a corner kick. And soon Kulach “undercut” the ball after a pass, but this time the goalkeeper of “Qarabagh” saved his team.

“Vorskla” lost and remains in third position in the standings. Vorskla have three points, as well as “Karabakh”, but ahead of rival thanks to a better goal difference.

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