“Vostok-2018” and China

"Восток-2018" и Китай

During the military exercises “Vostok-2018” was launched by the rocket of a class “earth-air”, C-300 and “Buk”, said the defense Ministry. The launch took place at the site “Telemba” in Buryatia.

The radar system has detected more than 30 aerial targets, running in a wide range of altitudes and speeds. All enemy targets have been destroyed.

Meanwhile, experts argue about the purpose of these exercises is a routine whether it is military for honing tactical cooperation in the battle or not so subtle hint of “external enemies”, whoever they were.

“The maneuvers “Vostok-2018″ closely watching the military analysts and the world media. A wonder – was sent on a geopolitical signal during a joint Russian-Chinese maneuvers on the ground. Yesterday I talked with one of the military attachés and he said that probably a signal was sent, but only on each side he was his own,” says our reporter Galina Polonskaya.

It is obvious that Russia thus flexing his muscles: it shows that it was a global military force. This can be noted in Syria, and now in the far East. The exercise shows US that in the case of sanctions, Russia will turn to China. The latter reacts with restraint, this was stated by political scientist Jonas Parello-Plesner broadcast our English-language morning show Good Morning Europe.

On a Chinese TV show as XI Jinping, speaking at an economic forum in Vladivostok, said the construction of infrastructure in the region, and devote far less attention to military exercises. If the channels mention it, then the Chinese policy to hold peace in the region. China does not want to be seen in tandem with Russia against the US and the West

Maybe the reason that China is involved in these exercises – learn military lessons of Russia in Syria, because China was not involved in armed conflict since the war in Vietnam in the late 70-ies.

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