“Vostok-2018” episode in Primorye

"Восток-2018": эпизод в Приморье

In Siberia and the far East has entered the final stage of the largest in contemporary history of Russia military exercise “Vostok-2018”. In the framework of the maneuvers on Saturday were worked out the first planting units of the brigade of Marines on unequipped coast of Cape Klerk in Primorye. The landfill was prepared of 600 targets of varying difficulty. Just to participate in this episode of exercises more than 200 Marines and 30 units of equipment.

From the scene the correspondent of euronews ‘ Galina Polonskaya: “Landing the combat troops in the sea of Japan is part of the maneuvers “Vostok-2018″, which will go down in history as the most large-scale. Their goal is to test the combat readiness, well, the world media has made its conclusion, the headings write — Russia will not allow itself to attack.”

For the first time for management of joint actions of troops, army and marine aviation was carried out with the ship’s command post on Board the ship measuring complex “Marshal Krylov”.

Zam.the brigade commander of the marine corps Michael Gudkov said, “Maneuvers are held at different theatres, in different climatic zones, different time zones, attracted by a variety in strength, size and component groupings and force troops.”

The exercise, which ends on 17 September, attended by about 300 thousand Russian soldiers.

Journalist name • Irina Solodkova

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