Voters should evaluate the MP for transparent and evidence-based program – expert

Избиратели должны оценивать нардепа по прозрачной и обоснованной программе - эксперт

Some of the important drugs from the “Grechkoseeva” may be an increase in the level of political culture of voters, they are more critical and demanding attitude to election promises. Voters must learn to assess people’s Deputy-member not implemented “geckosystems” projects, and for transparent and evidence-based program and its real “agenda”. Namely, according to the priorities regarding the problems with financial and non-financial nature requiring or basically no money.

About this in his article for ZN.UA writes Ivan Sykora, founder of Sykora platform HUB – the Center for public representation. Unfortunately, according to him, electoral programmes of candidates in majority districts is characterized by the use of common phrases, which in rare cases describe specific problems in the area. For the issues of the “agenda” of the Deputy-a mazhoritarshchik, demanding money from the state budget (primarily means “Deputy” of subsidy), can be used as socio-economic criteria for the evaluation of their impact and non-economic.

“You have to associate the cost of attracting funds from the state budget with the contribution to the increase of the gross regional product (GRP) per capita and income growth personal income tax, and consequently, in the increase of official salaries and the creation of new jobs, – said the expert. Among other criteria it is worth noting the increase in receipts:

– the single tax (and, hence, the increase in the number of FLP and speed);

– from the excise tax through increased economic activities and consumption and reducing the shadow turnover of excisable goods;

from land tax and property tax due to improved economic situation and attractiveness, respectively, an increase in the cost of land and real estate;

– share contributions from developers, that is usually associated with increased economic activity, etc.”

Among non-economic criteria for the evaluation of MP and lobbied decisions, according to the author, it is necessary to take account of the progress in solving important public problems, improvement of comfort and safety living as well as improving the quality of public services or the safety of citizens, etc.