VPN service from Mozilla is out of beta

VPN-сервис от Mozilla вышел из бета-версии

Many users use VPN services for different needs, be it access to services that do not work in our country, or for other purposes. As a rule, most VPN services have a very low Internet speed, however, now there is an official service from Mozilla.

The company Mozilla has officially launched its own VPN service, and it is now available for Windows and Android. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing The Verge.

While the service is running in six countries, including the US, Canada and the UK. The service is available for$ 4.99 per month, and, like other VPN, it is designed to make your web browsing more private and secure. In this step, the service is renamed from Firefox to Mozilla Private Network VPN, the company said last month. Mozilla claims that its VPN service has several benefits compared to many competitors. In many cases, it needs to provide faster Internet experience because it is based on the Protocol with three times fewer lines of code compared to most VPN services. The company also relies on its reputation due to its browser-based privacy, and adds that it collects only the information required to run the service, and does not keep any logs of user data.

Running the VPN followed by beta testing in the United States, which also included testing the VPN function built directly into the Firefox browser. Last month Mozilla announced that it will test the VPN, many users pay 2.99 dollars a month for unlimited use of the extension, which is designed to mask your traffic to the browser, not on the level of the entire system. Besides the US, Canada and UK, Mozilla claims that its VPN is also available in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand, and that it hopes to expand its availability to more countries before the end of this year. In addition to running on Android and Windows, Mozilla reports that will soon provide the official version of the service for iOS.