Vyacheslav Uzelkov called the cause of his divorce

Вячеслав Узелков назвал причину его развода

Divorce the former Ukrainian boxer Vyacheslav Uzelkov and coach of the reality show “That I maslev” Marina Borzemski-Nubby was perhaps the most surprising gap in 2018. The athlete decided to openly tell you why its the perfect marriage unexpectedly broke up.

Previously, Vyacheslav and Marina answered the questions of journalists General phrases. The couple, who have lived under the same roof for more than 20 years, avoided questions about the causes of sudden divorce and have been reluctant to share details of the process. Open family secrets decided Vyacheslav Uzelkov, who at the time of participation in the program “Star trek” frankly told reporters about the collapse of their relationship.

According to the ex-boxer, he failed to contain his jealousy. This is what caused his divorce with Marina Borzemski-Nodular.

You know, I’m a man, I’m her husband, and somewhere there was a moment that I was jealous. That is sexual jealousy. And my jealousy has led to the fact that we broke up,
– said Vyacheslav Uzelkov.

The athlete acknowledges that his behavior was wrong, so turned for help to a psychologist. Specialist taught Vyacheslav to control hot-tempered flash of jealousy, but it has not given results. He soon received a summons from the court, where they talked about divorce.

At the same time, the athlete has denied the rumors about beating his wife and betrayal. Vyacheslav Uzelkov claims that his heart is forever taken.

“First, when you love a woman, can not afford to raise his hand to her. It’s in the first place. Second, I love her. Can’t even imagine the horror. But as Marina says, words can hurt more than fists… We are 22 years old and her were together. She is the one. And I’m proud of. Always said that one woman was, is and will be. My heart is busy, this way no one else will go. Because there is Robert, is Olivia, and the major third is Marina,” he assured Vyacheslav Uzelkov.

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What is known about divorce of Marina and Vyacheslav Nodular? For the first time about the breakup was informed on 28 December 2018. Then Marina Uzelkov after the fact said that divorcing her husband. She admitted that they had other ways, but continues to respect him as the father of their children. After this statement of the wife ex-boxer could not resist and published a lot of message on your blog. Vyacheslav Uzelkov claimed that will always love their Marina.