Vykhryst was supposed to debut in the United States, Manager of the boxer Andriy Kotelnik

Andriy Kotelnik, the Manager of Victor Faust Vykhryst, spoke about the debut of the boxer in the pros, why did you choose EC Boxing Promotion and plans for the future.

Why EC Boxing Promotion

Attitude, good conditions and promoter who was once me – Peter Arnaz. He many boxers were taken to Universum Box Promotions, including the Klitschko brothers. The company is a stable, on the go and have everything to become world champion. Now is the time that it is not necessary for non-title fights to hold 40. The company plans to the end of the year to bring the belt of the champion of Europe. You just have to go through the procedure of the rounds and rise in the rankings. Rivals will be every time stronger. All in the hands of the Victor. He is a capable boxer.

When the next battle

Definitely not ready to say. Planned in late March. On Friday, February 21, Viktor is flying to Germany to prepare further.

The work on the media Vykhryst

He will be easier. This is the heavyweight category. He’s a great boxer, white, has a blow, something similar to Wladimir Klitschko (manner). Today there was even a question that his debut had to be in new York, but the program fell through. It will not be brownie a boxer. Will be boxed where possible.

About fighting in the United States

Who doesn’t want to fight in America. There is money and recognition of professional Boxing.

About the weight gain Vyhrist

Before this fight he was very fast and good form. Is he the coach must decide what weight it is better to be fast and feel good.