Vysotskaya showed slender legs

Высоцкая показала стройные ноги

The host of “Eat at home” sat on the floor in short shorts.

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Julia starred in the corridor among the scattered things. The wife of Andrei Konchalovsky has published a series of photos in “Instagram” where she poses in white shorts, revealing slender legs.

On pictures 46-year-old Vysotskaya sitting on the floor between the wall and mirrored wardrobe. About Yulia, you notice a suitcase, two pairs of shoes, some bags and a Hairdryer. On the third and fourth frame, the actress raised her legs up while her face is probably tired of the fees.

“Man is strange,” he reasoned in the description of the post anchor. She noted that people whine too much and see only what is under their noses. Konchalovsky’s wife confessed that she was exactly the same, and therefore says to himself, wide open eyes. “Still,” – said Vysotsky.

“Strongly agree”, “Oh those legs!”, “Beautiful pictures and Golden words”,

– agreed with the host of “Eat at home!” in the comments, not forgetting to mention her slim figure.

Vysotskaya and Konchalovsky have been together for 22 years, despite the age difference. Earlier in the network appeared the child of the spouses to a terrible tragedy – the girl has long lain in a coma.