Waffles, biscuits and sweets – the Cossacks suggest to abandon the usual sweets

Вафли, печенье и конфеты - запорожцам советуют отказаться от привычных сладостей

In Zaporozhye talked about the dangers of food additives in the usual sweets

In the food industry to cease the use of additives is impossible. The Cossacks have to be aware of what they eat. Sometimes additives are included in foods and drinks, which we could not have imagined. About the dangers of flavor enhancers and colorings reminiscent of the specialists of Gospodarevskaya in the Zaporozhye region.

For example, in the production of juices and nectars the manufacturer has to compensate for the “taste the void” that appears in products with a low content of fruit, with nutritional supplementation. In particular, citric acid (E330), sugar and flavorings. In some cases, citric acid is, of course, you can substitute with fresh lemon juice. But, first, will lead to a rise in the cost of the product. And secondly, it will change the flavor, since lemon juice has a specific flavor.

A complete rejection of the use of food additives would lead to the disappearance from the shelves of such popular products as caviar, because its production is impossible without the use of a mixture of preservatives. This is usually added a combination of sodium benzoate (E211) and potassium sorbate (E202)).

And would have to forget about most wines, because the wine production is traditionally used food additive sulphur dioxide (E220), which prevents spoilage.

But among the numerous groups of food additives is absolutely safe, the use of which should not cause the caution among consumers. So, food dye curcumin (E 100) is made from a tropical plant Sigsim longa L, and not only not harmful, but also has a healing effect that cleanses blood vessels and improves digestion.

However, manufacturers often even add to the products natural and healthy food supplements such as, Riboflavin (E 101), do not mark the package properly. For example, pointing in the composition of cereals for kids only “vitamin B2”, while deliberately avoiding the phrase food colorant E 101, and is essentially the same thing. I’m afraid that the mention on the label of the food additive with the code “E” will not appeal to buyers.

But it is important to know the list of dangerous additives, such as dyes and avoid products with their content.

Hazardous synthetic dyes:

  • tartrazine (E 102);
  • quinoline yellow (E 104);
  • sunset yellow (E 110);
  • azorubin (karmuazin) (E 122);
  • Ponceau 4R (E 124);
  • red AC (E 129).

What products contain:

  • fizzy drinks of different colors;
  • colorful candies from the cheap confectionery;
  • waffles and cookies with colorful toppings;
  • dry mixes for making jelly and jelly;
  • jelly sweets and chewing gum;
  • colorful creams cakes;
  • brightly colored candied fruit;
  • homemade candy “lollipops” on sticks.

How to choose foods with food additives:

  1. Carefully study the label and choose foods with a minimal amount of “E”;
  2. Do not buy unknown products with doubtful composition;
  3. Avoid foods that contain sugar substitutes;
  4. Do not buy foods with flavor enhancers, preservatives and dyes;
  5. Give preference to fresh and natural products.
  6. If you want to protect yourself 100%, use homemade products and natural dyes.

“Industrialna” reported that Ukraine has introduced a new product labeling.