Wait for the autumn: which cars disappear from showrooms

Ждите осени: какие автомобили пропали из автосалонов

A scarce commodity became not only mass but also premium cars.

In June, due to pent-up demand and underproduction of plants on the market new cars is a deficit, despite the drop in sales. “Газета.Ru” found out what model it is difficult to find or they lined up in the months ahead. Sales managers have to take what there is, otherwise this will remain. The situation will be back to normal closer to the fall, experts say.

In June and July 2020, after the lifting of restrictions on the trade of dealers in showrooms was increased demand for new cars. The situation is all the dealers are virtually identical – queues and shortages of the most popular model. So, the source “Газеты.Ru” in a big dealer holding notes that Korean brand Kia are the hardest to find available cars in Rio X-line, Seltos, Sorento Prime (in maximum configuration), Cerato (only under the order with delivery time up to 2 months).

Kia Seltos. Photo: Kia

Director of the analytical company Gruzdev-analyze Alexander Gruzdev noted that these problems relate not only to the dealers of Moscow and the auto business in the Central Federal district, in the South of the country, in Siberia and in the Urals. Specially for this, he conducted a survey of friends of heads of centers.

“Little machines, not that they do not. For example, now there are no available balances Kia Ceed, Seltos, a little Rio. But there is a Sportage. If before our leftovers were 1.2-1.5 month, now the maximum somewhere in the two to three weeks will suffice. Discounts the shop has been sent, don’t want to take the balance swung to the side of the seller,” – quoted “Газете.Ru” the words of a familiar head of dealer Alexander Gruzdev.

Previously managing Director of “Hyundai Motor CIS” Alexey Calici at the conference on the activities of the company in the first half, said the queue for Hyundai Creta has already reached several months. In addition to Korean brands problems with the presence of noted dealers of “AVTOVAZ” of model Lada Largus. There are difficulties with other machines on the platform of the Alliance Renault-Nissan. So, dealers say the lack of medium and the available versions of the Renault Logan.

In the more expensive segment a car Volkswagen Touareg, Multivan and Teramont.

The company Skoda has problems with the presence of Kodiaq and Karoq. Mazda dealers say almost the disappearance in the free market 6 sedan. In Moscow, according to representatives of automobile business, the expense of these machines is already in pieces. The situation with a direct competitor of the six – sedan –Toyota Camry no less difficult: practically no cars available in trim levels, small and medium facilities, the vendors.

In the premium segment, the situation is similar: BMW dealers say an acute shortage on the model 3-series and X4, a little more than the reserves of crossovers X5 and X6. Mercedes-Benz is the greatest demand in June and July, according to the deficit, used SUVs GLE, GLS and Gelandewagen. In the salons of Audi crossover Q5 sellers offer to wait a month. The A4 sedan and A5 coupe just due to the updates line, new model year will come not earlier than autumn.

Deficit even touched the segment of luxury cars in the Porsche showrooms difficult to find the Porsche 911 and 718 series, the Cayman and the Boxter is not in stock.

Officials in the dealer community recognize the problem, but did not disclose details on the brands. They note that in accordance with the production cycle of cars this year was produced according to a certain plan, but no one was expecting and did not plan to stop the market due to quarantine.

“As a result, a number of brands experienced the temporary shortage that can also heat demand: for all liquid models of premium brands we have had good buyer interest. With regard to the dynamics and forecasts for the near future – while the traffic in the showrooms is a normal scenario in June, the attendance similar to those of last year. Explosive excitement we have not seen” – told “Газете.Ru” Director “Audi. Avilon” Renat Tukaev.

Audi Q3. Photo: Audi

According to Alexander Gruzdev dealers say that in connection with the pandemic coronavirus decreased the number of test drives, but the test machine is also sold out. In regions with low demand remaining liquid dealers are buying cars from regions where the situation is better, the expert said.

“In addition to this background started to grow and used car dealers. And the prices of used cars is also increased,” – said Gruzdev.

Now sold the stock of goods, purchased by the dealers before the introduction of the mode of isolation, said the head a press-services GK “Avtospetstsentr” Anna Utkina. According to her, the greatest agiotage was observed in the premium segment

“Online sales in the period of restrictions had more for premium brands, as affluent customers are less sensitive to crises than consumers of mass of the segment, they invested in cars,” – said Utkin.

The effect of pent-up demand will be short-term, says an independent consultant in the automotive industry, Sergey Burgazliev. In his opinion, have to fall over increased demand for cars and the car manufacturers can increase production, finally recovering from downtime in quarantine.