Wait: inflation in Ukraine is slowing down, in the state statistics service said how much

Дождались: инфляция в Украине сбавляет обороты, в Госстате рассказали на сколько

In Ukraine, the slowdown in inflation over six percent.

In October 2019, consumer prices in Ukraine grew by 0.7% compared with the previous month, according to the portal “Ukrainian truth”. However, compared with the previous year slowed down to six and a half percent.

Retail prices increased on average by one percent per year of 8.8%.

The product, which is the most expensive in Ukraine, it is the eggs of 9.6%. The cost of vegetables increased by 4.6 percent. The price of milk increased by 2.6%, and grain products and a half percent. Alcohol has cost almost a percent more, and clothes and shoes for about two.

Also cheaper sugar and fruits, household chemicals and household items. The price of communications rose by 4.2%, recreation and culture rose by 0.3%, education rose by 0.4%, restaurants and hotels rose by 1.1%.

The Ministry of economy of Ukraine created the base and optimistic forecasts inflation in Ukraine for the next three years. Depending on the implementation of one of these forecasts, one should expect a decrease in the consumer price index.

According to Milovanov, the baseline forecast in 2020 we should expect inflation at 5.5%. In the following, 2021, inflation will drop slightly and will make up 5.3%, and in 2022 reaches the level of 5.1%.

According to the optimistic forecast, inflation in 2020 will amount to 5.8% and significantly lower in 2021 and 2022 to 5.0%.

At the same time it was reported that economists have described the implementation of this forecast unlikely, as it does not contribute to the real economic situation in Ukraine. The macroeconomic forecast of the Cabinet has caused doubts among the leading economists of Ukraine. For example, the Institute of socio-economic transformation believe that the real economic situation in the country of such rapid increase of salaries is not conducive.

Дождались: инфляция в Украине сбавляет обороты, в Госстате рассказали на сколько