Walker stated that the residents of the occupied Donbass, Ukrainians, victims of Russian aggression

Волкер заявил, что жители оккупированного Донбасса - украинцы, пострадавшие от российской агрессии

Permanent representative of the US State Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker recalled April 27 on Twitter that the inhabitants of the occupied territories of Donbas are citizens of Ukraine.

“People in the Russian controlled Eastern Ukraine are citizens of Ukraine and the government must do everything possible to support them and to alleviate the suffering caused by the Russian aggression”, – he wrote.

The people in Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine are Ukrainian citizens and it is the duty of the government to do everything possible to support them and allieviate the suffering caused by Russian aggression. – Kurt Volker (@SpecRepUkraine) 27 APR 2019.

April 24, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, which simplifies obtaining Russian citizenship by residents of the occupied territories of Donbass.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine decree “null and void” and does not change the identity of the inhabitants of the occupied Russian territories of Donbass to the Ukrainian citizenship. The US and EU also condemned Putin’s decision.

April 27, Putin said that the Russian citizenship can simplify all Ukrainians.