Walker told the U.S. Senate about links Zelensky Kolomoisky

Волкер рассказал Сенату США о связях Зеленского с Коломойским

“We believe that Zelensky deserves a chance.”

The special representative of the U.S. State Department’s Kurt Volker believes that the acquisition of political capital for reform and deliveryzetia – the principal challenges facing the sixth President of Ukraine Vladimir.

About this, Walker said during a hearing before the Committee on foreign relations U.S. Senate, “Five years after the revolution of Dignity: the progress of Ukraine and a hostile Russia’s actions,” reports Voice of America.

On the question of Senator Robert Menendez, controlled by Kolomoisky of Ukraine’s new President, Walker confirmed that the State Department knows about the relationship Zelensky with Kolomoisky. However, he expressed confidence that Vladimir Zelensky should make efforts to weaken the influence of the oligarchs on the political system.

“We believe he (Zelensky – ed.) deserves a chance. We support the principles of reform, overcoming the dominance of oligarchs in the political system, such as Kolomoisky. We hope that he will be able to be independent and to fulfill the promise. And we intend to help him, and ask him if it’s not going to happen,” said Walker.