Walking around the house naked apron: Potap revealed intimate details of life with Kamensky

Гуляет по дому в фартуке нагишом: Потап раскрыл интимные подробности жизни с Каменских

Ukrainian producer Potap (real name is Alexei Potapenko) has revealed intimate details of family life and Nastya Kamensky. Video revelations of a spouse published on the fan page of the pair in Instagram.

After producer and performer began to advertise their relationship, curiosity around the star couple has grown considerably. Could not restrain himself from questions about his personal life and media representatives, who managed to catch Potap music festival in Baku.

“Great family life, a young wife, she looks after me, helps me to collect the suitcase, she is an excellent cook, walks around the house naked in an apron, singing Italian songs. What can be even better than this?” – shared intimate details about it.

Recall, may 23 Anastasia Kamenskih got married in one of the restaurants of Kiev with his colleague captain (real name is Alexei Potapenko), which for many years sang in the duet. The couple went on honeymoon to Turkey, where he posted a colorful frames. One of the photos from romantic honeymoon new husband decided to show the fans his body, and chose to shoot the perfect place – the bathroom. In the picture a celebrity appeared Topless in the shower, covering her ample Breasts with a hand. But you feel the pop star was not wearing panties with a high waist.