Walnuts help to reduce breast cancer half – an experiment

Грецкие орехи помогают снизить рак груди наполовину - эксперимент

After the experiment using walnuts, scientists have concluded that their regular consumption may contribute to reducing the risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 50%.

Experiment with genetically modified mice that were prone to rapid development of malignant tumors in the body, carried out by scientists from the University Marshall in the United States. Mice “programmed” to develop breast cancer, they were divided into two groups. In one, the animals received their normal food. In another, the rodents were given walnuts: in terms of human daily intake of nuts to the mice was equivalent to 56 grams.

The scientists observed the mice throughout the life of rodents. They found that in the group of animals treated with daily walnuts, breast cancer developed half less. In mice, the body which still developed tumors, the tumors were smaller and appeared in smaller numbers compared to rodents from the parallel group.

The authors of the experiment indicate that regular consumption of nuts helps reduce the amount of saturated fats in the diet and simultaneous increase in the share of unsaturated fats.

According to them, “it is the unsaturated fats of vegetable origin are factor that reduce cancer risk”.

Experience scientists have demonstrated that consumption of walnuts helps to reduce the rate of development of cancerous tumors even in the presence of a genetic mutation influencing the propensity to the disease of breast cancer.