War excess weight: Nutritionists recognize the benefits of cherries for weight loss

Война лишнему весу: Диетологи признали пользу вишни для похудения

The taste and aroma of cherries suppress hunger, which helps to get rid of extra pounds.

Summer is the best time to get rid of excess weight and give shape to the tone. A variety of fruits and active rest will help in the fight against excess kilograms. Nutritionists told me how summer berries stimulates fat burning.

Cherry was the main enemy of overweight. Sweet and sour a product filled with antioxidants that help the body eliminate toxic substances and wastes. Berry also has enzymes that oxidize fat.

Physicians acknowledged the usefulness of cherries for weight loss. Summer fruits accelerate the process of energy absorption, which glucose does not accumulate in fat cells. The body quickly takes up sugar from the blood, which helps to reduce the risk of obesity.

The main secret of cherry is its dietary fiber: one Cup has about 3 g. Berry also has another magical power: the taste and aroma of the fruit suppress hunger. A small portion of the acid product satisfies physical needs of the organism in food.

Nutritionists believe that the war of excess weight must start from the cherry. According to experts, the berry is ideal for those who can’t say no to dessert. As stated by the doctors, a Cup of cherries to satisfy the sweet tooth, and the body will not suffer from a surplus of calories (200 g of cherries – 87 kcal).

Nutritionists say that a sour berry is not for everyone, so before use you should consult with a specialist.