“War” Prince Harry and Megan against the media: British politicians have publicly responded to the conflict

"Война" принца Гарри и Меган против СМИ: британские политики публично отреагировали на конфликт

The Duke of Sussex was in the center of the scandal. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle filed a lawsuit against a popular British tabloid. According to insiders, the Royal family does not approve of this “war” journalists. But representatives of the Parliament decided to the contrary to come to the defense of recalcitrant spouses.

As you know, in the documentary “Harry and Megan: African journey” (Harry & Meghan: An African Journey), the Dukes of Sussex and explained why they started a lawsuit with the press. According to them, journalists do not respect their right to privacy, so often in pursuit of sensationalism has broken the law. This statement has caused ambiguous attitude in society: some British steel to protect Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, others condemned for hypocrisy, because a couple needs to be prepared for the media attention.

Representatives of the Royal family decided not to intervene in a controversial case that received considerable attention in the world. But representatives of the British Parliament have decided to stand up for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 72 women politicians wrote an open letter in which he publicly expressed support for the Duchess.

“The women MPs from all political parties rejected aside all their differences to Express their solidarity with the Duchess of Sussex. In some cases, articles and media headlines was the invasion of your private life and tried to throw a shadow on you, without any reason. Women members of Parliament support you in the fact that you can’t let that go unpunished,” reads the statement, which placed Holly Lynch, head of the labour party.

What is known about the “war” of the Dukes of Sussex with the press?

In early October, 2019 Prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the tabloids The Sun and Daily Mirror. In the lawsuit, the Duke of Sussex has accused journalists in the illegal wiretapping of his phone and access to voice messages, which violates his human rights. At Kensington Palace officially confirmed the information about the lawsuit, without disclosing all the details. At the same time, representatives of Elizabeth II did not specify whether or not the relatives of Prince Harry’s scandalous decision. But insiders from the Palace are sure the whole family is not delighted by the antics of Prince Harry.

But this was only the beginning of the “war” with the press. Meghan Markle has filed a lawsuit against the British tabloid the Mail on Sunday and its publisher Associated Newspapers. The Duchess said: journalists crossed the border of the law and wrongfully obtained her personal correspondence with a scandalous father. Fragments of manuscripts published in the tabloid, therefore, violated this privacy policy the Royal family.

We believe in media freedom and objective, truthful journalism… But my wife has become one of the new victims of the British tabloids hate campaigns against individuals, not thinking about the consequences,
said Prince Harry.

Journalists have already called these actions of the Dukes of Sussex “total war” and news of this conflict appeared on the pages of all editions. At the same time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has asked the experts who help them to improve their image in the country. In addition, they have found a way of dealing with the media: from now on, the Dukes of Sussex themselves inform the public about all the news about their activities by posting everything on instagram page.