“Was and sad? experience”: Asmus made a statement about cosmetic procedures

"Был печальныи? опыт": Асмус сделала заявление о косметических процедурах

The actress admitted, when was the last time I visited the office of a cosmetologist.

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Actress Kristina Asmus admitted that for 10 years was a cosmetologist and certainly not did plastic surgery on her face. However, in the 32 years she’s managed to maintain the youth and natural beauty.

On his page on “Instagram” Asmus told subscribers that she does not know the names of any cosmetic manipulations, but the cleaning person. But her actress doesn’t go. According to Christina, she never did the mask didn’t put the patches under the eye, do not use scrubs, primers, did not conduct peels for the face and not even applied a moisturizer. Occasionally she puts on face powder, concealer or sunscreen.

However, she added that he is not the enemy of cosmetic procedures and care products for skin. However, due to the fact that she “had bad experiences” associated with cosmetic manipulation, she decided once and for all to abandon them.

In the comments some fans praised their favorite, while others questioned its fairness: “Beauty, an example for many women. Agree with your words, you should not indulge in beauty treatments, especially when the skin is in excellent condition, And still in photoshop regularly! Huh?!”, “Yes, slates, filters”, “how to use theatrical makeup? You in the frame come in disguise?”, “Well, well, of course.”