Was announced the cost of the most expensive car in the world

Была озвучена стоимость самого дорогого в мире автомобиля

Became known, the cost of the most expensive car in the world.

Currently, the world’s most expensive car is the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. The cost of this vehicle is $ 40 million. The first car of this model rolled off the Assembly line in 1934. The production car was completed in 1940. In total were issued 710 cars of this model.

Under the hood of the vehicle-mounted engine, the power level of which is about 210 horsepower. The car body was made of magnesium-aluminum alloy.

Exclusive car worth $ 40 million belongs to the big American businessman, fashion designer Ralph Lauren. The fortune is estimated at $ 7.5 billion.

Currently in the world there are only two Bugatti 57SC Atlantic. Once there was a third, but about 60 years ago, it was destroyed as a result of the accident. Second rare car at the moment is a Museum exhibit in Los Angeles.