“Was the command “Sit!”: Kohanivsky threw in palchevsky mug in the air NEWSONE (video)

"Была команда "Сидеть!": Коханивский швырнул в Пальчевского кружку в эфире NEWSONE (видео)

The conflict occurred between the businessman and broadcaster Andrew Palczewski and the head leads the volunteer organization “OUN” Nikolay Kohanivsky broadcast talk-show “Theme” on the TV channel NEWSONE.

In the Studio, discussing the controversial exhibition “Quantum leap Shevchenko” in the Moscow metro. Palchevskogo began his speech, talking about what would be thought of the Ukrainian poet, if he were aware of what is happening. Kohanivsky interrupted him, what Palchevsky said sharply: “There is a command “Sit!”. Can I just say the command “Sit!” – that’s all.”

“It is possible in the scoreboard to” – responded Kohanivsky.

“I’m a man and not a cloud in pants,” – said TV presenter.

Kohanivsky called him a jacket, and after some time took standing next to a mug and threw in palchevsky. The shot hit him in the shoulder.

“Once again I say this – going to lie,” warned a nationalist.

Palchevskogo demonstratively put the pieces of the Cup at his feet.

“The Ukrainian nationalists are respectful to those who do not throw cups, and who sacrificed his life spent in camps, as did the Stus and all the normal people fighting the regime. Instead of going nuts, throwing cups in person,” he said a little later.

“So do not bark. I did not touch You. You humiliated me,” retorted Kohanivsky.