Wasabi may harm heart

Васаби может навредить сердцу

A group of doctors from Israel after extensive experimentation found that eating wasabi is harmful.

Reference: the root of the wasabi plant that is used for food in Japan, making from the root of the seasoning, badly crushing it.

According to experts, that wasabi can cause heart irreparable blow, breaking the heart rhythm or to stop the heart for a short time.

As told by the doctors, they observed one of the manifestations of failure of the heart in one of the patients who, having eaten a spoonful of wasabi, felt pain in the heart, changes in heart rhythm and the suspension of the work of the authority.

After examination of this patient, the doctors found a diagnosis: “stress cardiomyopathy”. It is a condition of the heart when the heart rate drops sharply.

Earlier this patient, doctors say, there were no heart problems. So the doctors came to the conclusion that wasabi was the cause of the irregular heart rhythm.

According to doctors, the data of the world health organization (who) showed that the main cause of death in the world – the heart disease. According to doctors, to maintain a healthy heart can help two things: the right metanie and normal weight.