Washington plans to strengthen sanctions against Syria – media

Вашингтон планирует усилить санкции против Сирии - СМИ

The new restrictive measures against organizations and individuals providing assistance to Damascus, will be introduced on the basis of the American “law of Caesar.”

In the US intend to tighten sanctions against Syria on the basis of the “law of Caesar”, while the country will not change the power. This is stated in the material of the newspaper The New York Times, published on Tuesday, August 4.

So, according to Deputy assistant Secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs Joel Rayburn, the restrictive measures against Syrian companies and individuals will not stop until “the Syrian regime and its allies will not agree to” change the power in the country.

The American experts said that sanctions alone will not solve the problem.

“It is difficult to understand what else makes the United States government in Syria, in addition to making groups of functionaries of the Syrian regime to the list that they don’t care,” said the former Director of the office for foreign assets control of the U.S. Treasury Department John Smith.

At the same time the expansion of us government sanctions list against Syria, according to experts, is just hurting the country’s population.

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