Watch the action! What is dangerous discounts in Ukraine, “the infected may be all”

Осторожно, акция! Чем опасны скидки в Украине, "заражено может быть все"

Experts are asked to observe carefully in the first place for the promotional products you buy

Low wages and on the contrary – crazy prices for communal. Money for life remains not so much. For this reason, most of the Ukrainians began to focus on promotions, discounts and various bonuses.

Action is good and practical, Mrs. Natalia. As soon as she entered the Mall her attention was drawn to a Department with promotional products, so she instantly got up promotional baskets. Because most relatives, for this reason, the budget should be protected.

Nutritionists and technologists recommend Ukrainians to focus interest in particular for the shelf life and quality packaging of products that are sold at reduced prices in supermarkets.

“You have wives, mothers, you know what to farm, especially now, with food hard when the men in the house, and I have all the men – two sons and two grandsons. Am I the only one,” says the girl.

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In a supermarket assure, reduce cost of product – does not mean that food is spoiled.

“Discounted goods are those goods which lost their consumer qualities, but a little might be broken, and maybe there are positions where there are corresponding timing. A devaluation of the subject goods, the group’s fresh – it’s sausage, fish, bread, cheese, vegetables, fruit”, – assured in the supermarket.

But to purchase of such products must be approached very thoroughly. Special interest should focus on the final expiration date.

“Here it cost 100 hryvnia, and here it costs 50 hryvnia. But when we buy goods, we should know that by the end of this period, we have to eat it. If you want to buy and keep this product a week, you are responsible for the security of their health. whether you have a poisoning, the network will not give you back money, on the court you will not submit to the protection of the rights of consumers you will be able to apply “- warn technology.

Nutritionists, in turn, are asked to look closely at that you get and the main thing – not to take food with obvious signs of damage. Harmful bacteria are spread instantly and even one berry of the same grape can spoil the whole without exception branch.

Осторожно, акция! Чем опасны скидки в Украине, "заражено может быть все"

Осторожно, акция! Чем опасны скидки в Украине, "заражено может быть все"