Water “the Spring of the Dnieper” is recognized as drinking the highest quality

Вода «Родник Днепра» признана питьевой высшего качества

Firm TM “Spring” delivers drinking water throughout the Dnieper river for more than 10 years.

Our water is very tasty and popular with buyers. We clean it by a unique technology and monitor the quality. Specify the date of the spill on the container. All the water bottles to be Packed in new hygienic plastic bags, and the cover is printed termrental.

Our bottled water is “Spring Dnepr” passes annual certification in Metrology of Ukraine and brought in the unified register, as “DRINKING WATER of the HIGHEST QUALITY”.

The experienced staff of the shipping service will bring the water in time and in the right place. When ordering for large companies – discounts. The calculation in a convenient form.

Along with the water, we can bring new coolers with cooling and heating. Also, we have pumps, cups, plastic bottles and more.

We are in the market for a long time and know that our water is better suited for good coffee. Now you can buy it from the comfort of office or home, give us a call. The range of flavored custard and instant coffee of exceptionally high quality. FREE shipping.

If you have time to prepare coffee, take our coffee machine to rent. FREE.

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Вода «Родник Днепра» признана питьевой высшего качества

Вода «Родник Днепра» признана питьевой высшего качества