We are in the brave new world 1984 – take the test and find out why utopia won’t happen

Мы в дивном новом мире 1984 - пройдите тест и узнайте, почему утопии не случится

To make the utopia a reality is much easier than it might seem at first glance. Each head is composed of a picture perfect world. These models are in the minds of people born from political preferences, childhood traumas, unmet ambitions and primitive instincts. The trouble is that the world is only one and a utopia for the majority will forever remain only an impossible idea.

November 22 marks the 125th birthday of one of the best satirists of science fiction by Aldous Huxley. We are on “Westie” I thought – and what scenarios dystopia developing in Ukraine today? Here’s the text with the basic options and made the traditional test. So read carefully to the end;)

Sad, but the plot is dystopian in Ukraine is much more valuable and popular. Ukrainians are (not) publicly divided into three camps. Each would live in their scenario, if the other two didn’t bother him.

Model 1. The “we” in digital heaven

“Yesterday was for me the very paper through which chemists filter their solutions: all suspended particles, all that is superfluous remains on this paper. And in the morning I went down additinoally completely transparent”. Digitized.

In explanation Zamyatin ready to live fans of the current President. The victory of Vladimir Zelensky is an attempt 73% of Ukrainians believe in the ideal future. When all the real options tried the turn is unreal. Teachers ‘ salaries will be measured in thousands of dollars, the war will instantly cease, pensions will soar, and will have to work less.

It is now the program “the State of the smartphone” is only gaining momentum. But it will take time, and Ukraine will get out of bureaucratic hell and turn into a impeccable digital Paradise. There’s no Hoo with his paper references, police accepts the message in the Telegram, and the statement in the ever-running hospitals you throw in the antediluvian Viber.

“I was locked in myself, as in ancient opaque house – I filled up the door with stones, I draped the window”.

I unlocked smartphone and finally start to live. Representatives of the second model are forced to remember where is the charging.

Model 2. SBU “1984”

“Your worst enemy, he reflected, was your own nervous system. At any moment the tension inside can be expressed in some visible symptom.”

This segment living in the past and wants nothing changed. Everything is new and unfamiliar scares them, provokes a surge of bile and irritation. Compatriots from the first model they see children incapable of thinking and analysis.

Twice two is five consistently, even if the “children” have already counted it in their smartphones. Don’t trust technology, the invention of the bike I deem it unworthy.

Orwell applauds. Where else but in a country where recently the rules of Big Brother, believed that “war is peace, enemy, partner, and freedom is the Peacemaker”?

Model 3. Buy more! “O brave new world…”

“Intellectually and during working hours, adults. And in the sphere of feelings and desires – babies”. Therefore, advertising always works.

In the third group reigns apolitical. Admiration first and second groups irritation brings boredom. Here – the realm of consumption, discounts and best deals. Political preferences do not tell anything about you, but it will not silent your smartphone, club card elite gym and brand new shoes.

“But industrial civilization is only possible when people do not deny their desires, but, on the contrary, they indulge in the highest degree, which only allow for hygiene and economy. To the highest, or stop the car.”

Money is a goal but not the means. Marketers keep accidents on the hook, not letting go even for a second. Think less, buy more. Aldous Huxley’s crying and changing a pose in a coffin.

125 years ago was born one of the most brilliant science fiction writers Aldous Huxley. Humanist, pacifist and satirist, his magnum opus has proven that the “new world” will be more strange than wondrous. And, looking at political, environmental, and social transformation in Ukraine, we are slowly but confidently in a grotesque future. “Westie” decided to find out what could be Ukraine next Millennium, if we wrote a novel-a dystopia. Take the test and select your script.

Мы в дивном новом мире 1984 - пройдите тест и узнайте, почему утопии не случится

Мы в дивном новом мире 1984 - пройдите тест и узнайте, почему утопии не случится

Мы в дивном новом мире 1984 - пройдите тест и узнайте, почему утопии не случится